What We Do

Specializing in hand floating without the use of drugs, speculum, immobilization, or power tools. We consider communicating with horses an art form, and utilize horsemanship, empathy, and leadership to connect with the animal. We believe that floating should be a pleasant and enjoyable experience for the horse. The main purpose in floating is to eliminate discomfort, therefore improving the horse’s ability to chew and acceptance of the bit. Dental care should be regular and preventative to ensure your horse’s comfort and address minor issues before they become a problem.

Why Use Chloe Hatch Equine Dentistry?

  • The majority of horses do not require sedation for routine floating. Avoid any risks and/or side effects associated with the use of drugs.
  • Your horse can avoid the discomfort and potential for injury that comes with the use of a speculum.
  • Each horse is treated with patience, respect, and empathy.
  • No downtime is necessary, go ride after your horse has been floated!


There is no travel charge if within a 2 hour radius of Wellington, Florida.

 Payment is due at time of service. Cash or check accepted.
Any reason for non-payment at the time of service results in an additional $25 charge per horse.

A small percentage  of horses do require drugs due to their fear or discomfort, or to address more invasive procedures. Proper medication can be administered by a veterinarian at an additional charge of $40.

There may be additional charges for other procedures such as wolf tooth extraction, hook reduction, cap removal, ext.

I do offer discounted prices for multiple horses.

I also offer a floating price of $75 per horse to rescues that are recognized non-profit organizations.